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Technical Papers

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How to Choose the Right LED Lighting Product Color Temperature

Provides an explanation of CCT and a guide for selecting the right color of light for your application.

More Useable Light with Fewer Lumens

Explains how LEDs provide the same illumination performance with fewer lumens than conventional lighting products.

Total Cost of LED Ownership in New Construction

Discusses how LED lighting saves on energy, maintenance, replacement lamps, and other hidden building costs.

Bringing the True Cost of Lighting to Light

Discusses what the true costs of lighting can be.

Demystifying LED Lighting

The purpose of this report is to present real-world photometric and economic data taken from actual Seesmart, Inc. LED installations to demonstrate the performance, life-cycle costs, and ROI of these installations.

How to Find the Right LED Lighting Product

A guide for navigating the Wild West of LED products and making the right lighting choices.

How Light Meters Can Fool Us

Explains why photopic lumens don't tell the whole story when it comes to measuring light.


Outlines the various warranty plans and coverages


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